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Dangling Commas Are Gross

·1 min

I’m not a code style purest. I can swap styles with out much complaint. As long as code is in one unified style I am happy. But there is one thing that just doesn’t sit right with me and that’s the dangling comma.

Look at it there, just hanging off the end of the last line of code. It’s patiently waiting for the day when someone might put it to use. Yes, yes I know that you get a better git history with it sticking there for who knows how long.

To me it’s like a booger just hanging off of someone’s nose. Discreetly hand that code a tissue and tell it to wipe its face. I guess in this analogy you would be the one wiping the code of the thing just dangling there. Whatever the case I find it; unsightly, ugly, annoying,

What, I didn’t finish the list? Maybe I’ll come back to it some day. At least the comma is there waiting for me.